Code of Conduct

Members should strive at all times to uphold the following standards:
Joining Nam Yang Pugilistic Association means becoming part of an ancient tradition dating back to Tat Moh, the Shaolin Founder, about 1500 years ago. This involves becoming part of a brotherhood (sisterhood) of respect and loyalty. Members should strive to uphold the following standards.

A) Respect
If you respect others, they will respect you. If you are unable to respect others, you will never gain respect yourself. In particular your seniors within the club: the more senior, the more respect.
Respect means:
• Obey all reasonable requests from your seniors, especially the instructors. Never argue them.
• Maintain and defend the good name of the club
• Aspire to the highest standards of moral conduct, displaying humility, honesty, selflessness and dedication.
• Never discriminate against or bully other members.
• If you have opinions likely to offend other members or cause arguments, then keep them to yourself.
• Respect others peoples safety: don't risk hurting them.
• Do not publicly criticise other clubs.
• Do nit speak badly about other people.
• Remain polite and dignified whenever possible.

B) Brotherhood / Sisterhood
Treat anyone within the club as family. Offer them friendship, help and support at all times and never betray their trust. Mix freely at all times and do not form cliques or exclude others.

C) Responsibility
Do not use your skill to injure others unless forced to do so in self-defence or in the upholding of justice and righteousness.

When dealing with other members or on club business, conduct one's self in
a dignified fashion, not displaying anger or speaking loudly or offensively.

D) Diligence
Dedicate yourself to your art and your association. Pursue your training with diligence.

E) Selflessness
Act at all times in the interests of the association, playing them above your own self-interest.

Addendum to code of conduct:
Re respect for seniors and obeying all reasonable requests:
Since western students have very different cultural expectations to Asians, we make some allowances and issue guidelines as follows: it is acceptable to point out a possible better way of doing things, misinterpretation etc in a constructive manor. The senior party will then take this into account and may revise their decision. Their final decision will, however, stand. In the event of an issue still being unresolved, the complaints / disputes procedure should be implemented.

The code of conduct carries more weight the more directly an issue involves Nam Yang Pugilistic association or any of its members.

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