Junior Code of Conduct

Part 1 - Being a Good Martial Arts Person:

a) Respect
If you respect other people, they will respect you! You should be particularly respectful with your parents, the instructors and people in the club who are more senior than you. Here are some ways you can show more respect:

Make sure you do what you are told by your parents and your instructors - and do it straight away.

Always behave well when you are wearing your uniform so our club keeps a good name.

Never speak badly about other people - whatever they have done.

Show respect for everyone else in the club and never bully them. If people are different from you by their colour, religion, the way they are built or anything else, still show them as much respect.

Make sure you don't hurt anyone else.

b) Brotherhood
Treat everyone in the club as if they were your family.
Be friendly to everyone, help them out and make sure they can always trust you.

c) Behaviour
Be a good person.
Be honest, selfless and dedicated to your art.
Put the club first and yourself second.

d) Responsibility
Don't use your martial arts to hurt someone unnecessarily.
Never teach martial arts to anyone else without clear permissionfrom your instructor.

Part 2 - Being Polite

a) Bowing/Saluting
At the start and end of each lesson, bow to the instructor and to the picture of Master Tan if there is one.
When you practise or spar with a partner, salute before and after.

b) Being clean, smart and safe
Make sure you are washed before training.
Cut your finger and toe nails.
Cover any cuts you have.
Make sure your uniform is clean and worn properly.
Remove jewellery.

c) Eating
Allow your seniors to begin eating first.

Behave sensibly and politely.

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