Club Etiquette

Please follow these simple rules, especially in the presence of other clubs:

Respect during lessons:

a) Bow to instructor at start and end of lesson; if you arrive late, bow to the instructor and await acknowledgement before joining in.

b) When training with a partner, bow before and after exercise.

c) When demonstrating a technique, bow to partner before and after.

d) If photos of the masters are present, bow to masters at start and end of lesson.

Respect for Seniors
Treat your seniors with respect at all times - the more senior, the more respect.

Visiting other clubs
Show maximum respect and be on your best behaviour. In particular:

a) Bow on entry / departure. If an altar is present, face it when bowing.

b) Do not show any martial arts unless invited to do so.

c) Don't touch any equipment unless invited to do so. This especially concerns weapons and lion dance equipment.

d) Show respect for any altar present: do not stand / sit in front of it, do not photograph it - if in any doubt, ask your instructor.

Eating out

a) Allow your seniors to begin the meal before you do.

b) Use chopsticks sensibly. When not eating, lay them beside your bowl.

c) Behave respectfully.

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