Who are the Masters behind the Nam Yang Martial Arts Association?

Nam Yang Martial Arts has a strong lineage of Kung Fu Masters all of whom have distinguished themselves through their skills.

Our lineage is:

Master Ang Lian Huat - founding Master

Master Tan Soh Tin - current lineage Master

Master Iain Armstrong - UK Association Head

Pre-dating the inception of Nam Yang Pugilistic Association was the Tee family who held the lineage for the Tiger-Crane style. Master Ang Lian Huat learned from the Tee family.

It was Master Hung Ee Kan, a famous Shaolin Master of the Tiger style and one of the five who survived the burning of the Southern Shaolin temple by the Manchurians whose chance meeting with Tee Eng Choon brought the Tee's family mastery of the White Crane style into a new form called Tiger-Crane style, practiced by Nam Yang Martial Arts students today.

Prior to the burning of the Southern Shaolin Temple was the unbroken lineage of Shaolin Masters tracable back to the founder of the original system of Martial Arts - the illustrious sage, Tah Mo or Bodhidharma. Tah Mo is also famous as the founder of the Ch'an (or Zen) School of Buddhism.

As such Nam Yang Martial Arts is proud to state it's unbroken lineage traceable right the way back to the founder of martial arts:

Tat Mo founds the Shaolin legacy and creates the first ever system of martial arts in history

Shaolin Temple Masters teach and develop it up to the burning of the Shaolin Temple in the Q'ing Dynasty

Master Hung Ee Kan, survivor of the burning, meets Tee Eng Choon and between them they found the Tiger-Crane style of Kung Fu which remains in the Tee family

The Tee family taught Master Ang Lian Huat who moved to Singapore

Master Tan Soh Tin was Master Ang Lian Huat's senior student and holds the current lineage for the Shaolin systems

Master Iain Armstrong travelled to Singapore and became an inner student of Master Tan Soh Tin. Master Armstrong runs the UK branch of Nam Yang Martial Arts under the direction of Master Tan Soh Tin

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