Shaolin Master Iain Armstrong

UK Head of the Nam Yang Pugilistic Association

Master Iain Armstrong has diligently practiced Kung Fu for over 20 years and has devoted his life to the study of the Shaolin Martial Arts systems.

Master Armstrong learned much of what he knows by travelling to South East Asia and finding authentic Kung Fu Masters. This was by no means an easy process - the Chinese have only recently begun to accept non-Chinese students into their inner circle and Chinese masters in the West are rare. Master Armstrong has travelled widely around the region and regularly returns there for further tuition from Master Tan Soh Tin.

Master Armstrong administers the UK branch of Nam Yang Martial Arts and gives regular classes and seminars, often at the Epsom headquarters of Nam Yang Martial Arts. He also writes a column in Combat magazine and participates in many demonstrations and tournaments around the country and internationally.



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