Shaolin Martial Arts

The Martial Arts of the Southern Shaolin Temple

Kung Fu, Chi Kung, San Da Kickboxing, Lion Dance & Shuan Yang Pei Ho

Nam Yang Martial Arts is fortunate to have a direct line back to the Shaolin Temple and as such we preserve a number of their Martial Arts, not just Kung Fu.

Nam Yang Martial Arts has a wide variety of Southern Shaolin Martial Arts under it's lineage.

n this area, you can learn about our different combat systems and their history, watch video footage of martial arts being performed and see our students demonstrating in our galleries.

Shaolin Tiger Crane Kung Fu

Southern Shaolin Tiger-Crane Style Combination Kung Fu

The traditional martial art of China, Kung Fu combines a practical system of self defence with exercises to develop a strong healthy body, a focused mind, balance, correct breathing, co-ordination and character.

There are many different styles of Shaolin Kung Fu, from the earliest Lohon or Monks style, through to the later Tiger, the progressive Monkey and the advanced White Crane styles of Kung Fu. There are also the Northern styles of Kung Fu such as Praying Mantis and Drunken style Kung Fu and the many Kung Fu styles that came after the five surviving Shaolin masters tried spreading Kung Fu around China such as Hung Gar and Lau Gar, plus more recent systems such as Wing Chun Kung Fu. At Nam Yang Martial Arts Association, we focus on what is widely considered the most sophisticated peak of the Shaolin Kung Fu systems - the legendary Southern Shaolin Tiger-Crane Combination Style of Kung Fu.

In the Tiger-Crane style of Kung Fu the powerful posture and attacks of the Tiger Kung Fu form are augmented by the softer 'sticking-hand' techniques of the White Crane style. Penetratative hand attacks and projection of inner-strength combine with lower-body kicks and sweeps to deliver a highly effective system which displays the full grace and depth of the Shaolin martial arts system.

At the pinnacle of martial science, tried and tested over many generations, Tiger-Crane combination Kung Fu has proved itself to be one of the most effective fighting arts in the world, and Nam Yang Martial Arts Association is the foremost authority in the UK.

A fair degree of physical exercise is involved, so this is best suited to the under forties, unless you are in reasonably good shape and for children from six upwards. It is worth noting that some of the video and pictures you see on this site features some of our more senior practitioners performing Shaolin Hard Chi Kung and intensive Kung Fu training exercises. Such training is not expected of beginners; we don't pummell our new faces! To train in Shaolin Hard Chi Kung, one must be hand selected and undergo oath taking before the practices will be taught. Expect that to take two to three years for a dedicated student.

For the majority of our students, our Kung Fu classes provide enough physical training to improve their health without overdoing it. For those who show the passion to take their training further, we can help you push your personal limits. We cater for all levels since the Shaolin martial arts teach us to better ourselves - you'll find your greatest opponent in training is yourself! Master yourself and you'll feel ready to face any challenge.

Shuang Yang Pei Ho - TaiChi - Chi kung

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Chinese Kickboxing


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