Join A Martial Arts Club

Nam Yang has several branches both in the UK and abroad

Nam Yang Branches

Singapore Martial Arts Club - Nam Yang International Headquarters

Epsom Martial Arts Club - Nam Yang UK Headquarters (Contact for residental training programmes)

Thailand Mountain Training Centre

Brighton Martial Arts Club

London Chinatown Martial Arts Club

Benefits of Training

Nam Yang Martial Arts Association has a number of clubs around the UK and also runs residential training programs.

The benefits of learning traditional martial arts, such as the famous Shaolin martial arts are too great to spell out in one sentance, but here are some of the common reasons people decide to join us:

You want to learn an effective system of self-defence from qualified instructors

You want to increase your health and vitality, self control, co-ordination, flexibility and energy levels

You are interested in the deeper secrets of the martial arts such as Chi energy and have realised that the majority of other martial arts clubs do not teach them

You want to increase your confidence and would enjoy being part of a brotherhood of peers

You might be the type who wants to learn to fight and spar or the type who is simply looking for training to better yourself. Whether you are young or old, male or female, Nam Yang Martial Arts welcomes you to visit us and sample the unique taste of the Chinese martial arts.

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